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Friday, June 15, 2007

Wildlife Group Declares Open Season on 5 GOP Lawmakers

Fresh off of their victorious campaign to oust conservative lawmaker Rep. Richard Pombo (CA-11) in the 2006 midterms, the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund has placed targets on the back of five more Western Members of Congress, citing their positions on global warming.

According to the AP, the organization has launched a radio and internet ad campaign this week targeting Rep. John Doolittle (CA-04), Ken Calvert, (CA-44), Steve Pearce (NM-02), Rick Renzi (AZ-01) and Dean Heller (NV-02).

"We're looking to send a clear message that the American people won't tolerate representatives who continue to favor big polluters and their special interests," Defenders action fund president Rodger Schlickeisen said.

If the wildlife group replicates its 2006 results, all five should be placed on the "Endangered Species List."

In addition to the high-profile and coordinated campaign against Pombo, "America's #1 Wildlife Villain," the Action Fund targeted 19 more races in the midterm elections as part of their Conservation Majority Project. They won in 14 of the 20 races, helping defeat previously entrenched incumbents in every region of the country.

So, these Western lawmakers should be afraid. Very afraid.

Renzi and Doolittle are targets of ethical and legal investigations; the added muscle of a coordinated green effort may be the momentum to push them from office.

While the AP report was unclear as to whether the internet ads would contain video, if they do, I'll update the post once I locate. In the meantime, here's one of the ads from the series attacking Pombo during last year's campaign:

To check out the two recent "Global Warming" PSAs created by Defenders of Wildlife, click here.

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