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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Muse, Spring Has Sprung!

Browsing through this week’s news clippings, a few thoughts on a Sunday morning:

Anyone else out there going to be planting their inaugural vegetable garden this year? Gotta love

Ditto Barney Frank, the first congress critter for whom I ever voted. Turns out he possesses
supernatural powers over hapless Republicans.

More from the circular firing squad once known as the Republican Party:

· When the Governator - the leader who makes Californians wish for the
good old days of Gray Davis and rolling brownouts (the definition of Epic Fail in the Golden State - is one of the few Republicans making sense on the stimulus, you know the GOP is DOA.
· Sometimes this Bush Legacy effort is sad. Other times, its tragic.
This is simply laughable.
· When will Michael Steele realize he should simply
shut his mouth? Here's to hoping he never does. Long live Chairman Mike!
· As Republicans decry Obama's "lurch to the left," has
Rahm emerged as the new Rove?

From the "Well, duh!" File:
· Former Bush official admits
abstinence only doesn't work.

In the “The FUBAR File” or, Just a Few More Things on Barack's Plate:
· Is the Afghan war about to become
a regional conflagration?
· While it may not go the way of the Italian lira and Greek drachma, the days of the Almighty Dollar
are coming to an end.

Just wondering, have we reached a tipping point in
our nation's war on drugs?

More on our planet in crisis:

· The power of multinational lobbyists is coopting the democratic will of the people resulting in governmental inaction when all science points to the urgency of the moment. NASA climatologist James Hansen argues for
civil disobedience as perhaps the only hope in preventing climaticide.
· Are we a generation away from
global water wars?
· Could Manhattan be
underwater by the end of the century?
Ending on a positive note, giving credit when credit is due:

Despite Congress' ham-handed efforts to rein in rogue financiers (and the stampeding to pass legislation to tax bonuses that should've never been paid out), sometimes they do things right.
Promoting national service is one of them.

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