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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Colorado State GOP Chair: Liberal Bloggers Are "Sucking Air"

The Hill reports today Dick Wadhams, the man in charge of leading the Rocky Mountain State's march into oblivion is calling rumors of the state GOP's demise as "nuts." The "liberal bloggers" who have been predicting an easy win for Dem Mark Udall over GOPer Bob Schaffer were "sucking air" - and the state Dems are displaying a "sense of real cockiness and overconfidence."
You might remember Wadhams as the skilled political adviser to Sen. George Allen's 2006 re-election campaign. Macaca anyone? This is the guy they pick to resurrect a party in a state where Republicans have been in steady retreat over the past two elections? Wouldn't have been my first pick. Is their bench really that thin?
“The whole sense that Colorado is going Democratic is nuts,” Wadhams said. “Mark
Udall does not know what’s coming after him.”
It must be something in the high altitude air because the rise of the Democratic Party cannot be denied.

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