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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

One Thousand Five Hundred & Eighty-Three Days

Is how long American troops have been in Iraq, Sen. Harry Reid announced from the US Senate floor this morning.

Think about it: One Thousand....Five Hundred...and...Eighty-Three Days

of war.

Today, it was 115 degrees in Baghdad.

Our troops are wearing 100 lbs of gear, patrolling the hostile streets as the Iraqi parliament prepares for an extended August vacation.

Those 160,000 troops deserve our respect. And they deserve to come home AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Meanwhile, back in the US Congress' air-conditioned corridors, Mitch's Merry Men whine about being kept up all night.

It amazes me they can sleep at all - especially if they remembered one more number:

Three thousand, six hundred and twenty-two.

How much larger will this number grow before the GOP Senators stop protecting their president's failed strategy?

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