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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"Fight Night" in Vegas: Who's Angry Now?

The MSM weeks ago labeled John Edwards as "too angry" to win the Democratic nomination. But the recent turmoil between the Clinton and Obama camps - with charges of racism entering the campaign - puts a new light on Edwards' rhetoric. At least his "anger" is about real issues that affect the daily lives of average Americans.

The MSM's pitbull-like grip on this storyline over the past 72 hours once again reveals the media's fascination with the horse race aspects of the campaign rather than focusing on the important policy issues facing the nation. I may be wrong, but I believe voter interest in the "inside baseball" charges about dirty campaign tricks is negligible.

The charges being thrown between the Obama and Clinton entourages diminishes both frontrunners and the Democratic Party in general. I believe Clinton has been severely wounded - if not fatally for the general election - by angering African American voters. How does she win without their overwhelming support in November? Obama does not escape unscathed. His "politics of hope" is tarnished each time one of these old-time "politics as usual" schoolyard fights breaks out.

With the news of a tighter-than-expected race forming in Nevada prior to this Saturday's caucuses one has to wonder, are Democratic voters taking another look at John Edwards?

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