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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Is Rudy Really Running?

The Rudy Retreat continues. He skipped Iowa, abandoned New Hampshire, ignored Michigan avoided South Carolina and now is in a polling freefall in Florida. After his 2000 aborted run against Hillary Clinton in New York it makes me wonder, does this guy really want to be president? He's not going to win the nomination by running the calendar with sixth-place finishes.

He has less fight in him than Grandpa Fred.

Did giving up the private sector's consulting millions (estimated $4M in 2007) cause him to rethink his choice?

Think about it - he didn't give up his consulting salary until very recently - and doesn't all this hype about him being the "9-11" National Security candidate make him much more marketable when he decides to return to his lucrative "calling" as a security consultant? Winning the GOP nod would expose Giuliani to increased scrutiny, threatening to reveal the "Emperor Has No Clothes" reality of his security credentials. With most pundits anticipating a GOP general election loss - regardless of the nominee - would lessen Rudy's value. Could it be that this "campaign" is nothing more than a PR effort for Giuliani Partners?

When he interrupted campaigning right before Christmas and was admitted to the hospital with a headache, I thought he was going to drop out, citing health reasons. After all, it's what "America's Mayor" does when the competition heats up - he cuts and runs.

I still wouldn't be surprised by a "Rudy Withdraws Headline" even before Feb 5th.

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