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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Muse, May 17

This Week in Politics:

While planet Earth burns, the Republicans
continue playing their fiddles.

The Republican noise machine remains potent. Remember that DHS report on
Right Wing extremism? In the immortal words of Gilda's Emily Litella, "Never mind."

No one escapes his wrath. Rush Limbaugh
lashes out at McCain's elderly mother.

Does Obama's
decision to revive military trials for Gitmo detainees threaten his left flank?

Predictable, yet diabolical. Hannity is falsely comparing Obama's plans to appoint his own US Attorneys to the Rove/Bush regime's politically motivated 2006 firings of nine US Attorneys.
Insiders blogging on DC's
coming summer blockbuster.


Older Americans feeling the pinch from this recession
less than younger generations.

From the "What Else Did You Expect?" File:

More trigger-happy mercenaries working for The Company Formerly Known as Blackwater
find themselves in hot water in Afghanistan.

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