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Thursday, June 21, 2007

FL Jan 2008 Primary: State Dems vs. DNC

From today's St. Petersburg Times it appears the Sunshine State Democrats are not backing down in their battle with the DNC over the seating of Florida delegates at the party's convention next year in Denver. Under party rules the DNC could cut the state's delegation by 50%.

The state Dems find themselves in a bind created by the GOP-controlled state legislature, who moved the primary date for both parties to Jan 29, 2008, jumping ahead of the Feb 5th start date approved by the DNC in 2006.

One of the DNC committee members who voted in favor of the 2008 nominating process, Diane Glasser of Broward County, is quoted in the story, "I think it's atrocious, what they're doing to us. They can't disenfranchise our people."

The state GOP must be enjoying this.

According to the article, Democratic activists are up in arms over the possibility four million Florida Democratic voters could be denied a voice at the national convention. It's apparent the state Dems are playing hardball because they know they've got the power.

"The bottom line is, Florida is the largest swing state in the country and Democrats must compete in Florida from a position of strength," said U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Boca Raton.

If the Sunshine State Democrats get their way, how many other states will reconsider and leapfrog into January 2008? Michigan is already poised to jump. Could others who are further back - or even those scheduled for Feb 5th change? Regardless, the nominating calendar is lurching toward chaos.

Is this any way to select our nominee?

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