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Saturday, June 23, 2007

WA-08: Burner Likely to Get Primaried in 2008

If the Democrats are going to match their 2006 House gains in the West, the suburban Seattle Eighth District of Washington is one they will need to win. Darcy Burner, the 2006 nominee may face opposition from a former Republican in a primary. This week, local progressive bloggers are calling for Democrats to rally around Burner.

#3) WA-08: Reichert [wiki] (PVI D+2) (RR = Lean GOP)*

  • Democratic Line-Up: '06 nominee Darcy Burner is running again, and may face a primary challenge from 1-2 other Democrats
  • Incumbent Running? Yes

A Blue District in the Pacific Northwest: This suburban Seattle District, along with NM-01 is one of two western districts Kerry won in 2004 currently held by the GOP. Darcy Burner came within 3 points of unseating Reichert in 2006. According to reports in the Seattle Times' political blog Postman on Politics, two challengers, state Sen. Rodney Tom and state Rep. Christopher Hurst are contemplating a primary challenge. Tom recently switched party ID, prior to his most recent election.

Progressives are supporting Burner: The Northwest Progressive Institute writes on June 22 that Burner is the more progressive candidate - and urges Democrats to reject Tom's possible candidacy - and makes a strong argument regarding Burner's chances in a rematch with Reichert. They have this to say about the possibility of a Hurst candidacy:

"As for Representative Chris Hurst, the other Democrat rumored to be mulling a possible run – he would be extraordinarily wise to decide against it.

Hurst, who was the prime sponsor of an unsuccessful bill last session to foolishly reenact Tim Eyman’s Initiative 747, is neither a true progressive nor a strategic thinker (if he was, he wouldn’t have worked so hard to give Tim Eyman and the right wing a free victory). Hurst will not be able to piece together the kind of campaign that Darcy has (and Tom won’t be able to either, for that matter).

The 8th, which has never been represented by a progressive Democrat, is ready to send one to Congress. It's turning blue, but it can't be taken for granted. It will only be won by a Democrat with candor, trust, and faith in progressive values. That candidate is Darcy Burner.

If the primary choice comes down to a recently converted former Republican and a progressive who nearly knocked off the incumbent in 2006, my hope is to see the progressive win the 2008 Democratic nomination.


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