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Thursday, June 21, 2007

NM-Sen - Dem to Declare Candidacy - Is He Saving Bill A Seat?

New Mexico PR consultant Joe Monahan breaks the news this morning about a Democrat jumping into the race to oust Pajama Pete Domenici from the Senate in 2008. Santa Fe real estate developer Don Wiviott is dedicating $400K to his election effort. According to Monahan, Wiviott's raising money online through Act Blue, but I couldn't locate a page for the nascent campaign.

Perhaps the most interesting question posed by Monahan is whether or not Wiviott, a friend of Gov. Bill Richardson, is simply acting as a placeholder for the Governor if he opts to make a Senate run if his presidential campaign sputters. Apparently, many NM Democrats attribute the lack of a high-name ID candidate in the race (thus far only environmentalist Jim Hannan is the only declared candidate - with AG Patricia Madrid and NM-03 Rep. Tom Udall still on the sidelines) to date is due to the idea that Bill may jump into the race, and sail back into Congress.

Monahan reports Wiviott announced his plans to run during this week's Take Back America confence and is in DC putting together an experienced campaign team. Check out Joe Monahan's New Mexico for all the details.

Will update with more info about Wiviott and the race to unseat Pajama Pete as soon as it's available.

NM-Sen wiki.

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