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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

CA-04: FBI Targeting Doolittle Aides

Reports in the SF Chronicle about Rep. John Doolittle's former chief of staff cooperating with the FBI's investigation into the Republican's connections with imprisoned lobbyist Jack Abramoff can't be good news. How long will it take the feds to make their case is an unanswered question and lingers over the race in the GOP-leaning district. From the AP report:
The aide, David Lopez, who was Doolittle's longtime chief of staff until 2005 and continued to work on his campaigns after that, has turned over campaign finance records to the Justice Department under subpoena, said his attorney, Bill Portanova.
A different former Doolittle staffer, Kevin Ring, who went on to work as a lobbyist with Abramoff, was already known to be under investigation in the wide-ranging probe. Portanova's comments marked the first public confirmation that prosecutors have been interviewing other former Doolittle aides.

Will Doolittle see the handwriting on the walls and decide to retire in 2008? Or, will he try to hang on, providing a very real chance for Democrat Charlie Brown to win this seat? Time will tell.

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