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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ann or Frank - Who is More Dangerous to the Democrats?

This week, two influential Republican media figures garnered attention. Over the years, one has sought notoriety and scandal, while the other has subtly lurked below the radar screen. The former is providing cover for the latter - and Democrats need to understand the danger.

Ann Coulter has slithered her way back from France (yes, believe it or not she vacationed in the land of baguettes and patisseries) to reinsert herself LOUDLY (and obscenely) into the American political dialogue. Frank Luntz, the spinmeister extraordinaire, also surfaced and made waves when PBS announced he would be conducting a focus group during this Thursday's Democratic presidential forum at Howard University. The difference is (and this is big, folks) Ann wants the spotlight while Frank most assuredly doesn't. Sadly, we've given them both what they want.

We should be focusing on Frank and ignoring Ann.

Let me say before I begin: freedom of speech is a paramount -American- human right. I am not advocating that either Luntz (let's call him FLuntz) or Coulter (is there something that rhymes with FLuntz? I'm at a loss...well, let's just call her Ms. Coulter) be silenced or denied their right to express their opinions. I do, however, have a problem with the MSM providing Ms. Coulter a bully pulpit to loudly shout her vulgar and personal attacks while simultaneously whitewashing FLuntz's partisan agenda and presenting him as an objective political analyst.

But, I have to be honest, I'm just as disappointed in the reaction of the progressive blogosphere this week. We've fallen into the trap. Ms. Coulter's outrageous statements attract a majority of the attention, yet FLuntz practically skates.

Watch the video where Bill Maher says, "the people in America are like hamsters" and ask yourself, am I on the habitrail?

Remember, it's not what you say, it's what people HEAR.

Luntz is responsible for redefining the estate tax as the "death tax." And creating the "Global War on Terror" marketing slogans. And advises Rudy Giuliani. What is non-partisan about FLuntz?

You simply gotta love Paula Poundstone and Arianna. Arianna sums it up, "people should stop listening to Frank."

So, why is he going to be on PBS talking about the Democratic presidential race?And, by singularly focusing on Ms. Coulter's obscenities are we playing the fool?

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