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Monday, June 25, 2007

OR-Sen: Rumors of A Challenger for Smith Making the Rounds

Oregon State Senate Majority Leader Kate Brown announced Sunday she would be stepping down from her leadership post after nine years. The Salem News reports:

When Brown was first elected Leader in 1998, there were only ten Democrats in the Oregon Senate. Under her leadership, that number grew to eighteen, a solid majority that has enabled the Senate to make monumental strides for Oregon'

It’s been an amazing run, and whatever the future holds, I am committed to continuing the fight to strengthen our great state,” said Senator Brown.

Citing progress on a number of key issues – including increased funding for early education, K-12 schools and higher education; making health care more affordable and accessible; restoring 100 state troopers to protect Oregon’s highways; protecting consumers; investing in renewable energy; expanding the Oregon Bottle Bill; enacting landmark civil rights protections; and passing comprehensive ethics reform – Brown said she leaves her role as Majority Leader with a great sense of accomplishment.

The announcement has sparked speculation about what Brown has in mind for her future, with local blogs suggesting this is her first step in a campaign to become Oregon's next Democratic Senator. It looks like she'd be a solid choice and stand a good chance of knocking off Gordon Smith, one of the most vulnerable Republican Senators in 2008, Today, it's only rumors, but it looks like the race in Oregon might finally be on.

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