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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The House Horse Race - the Q2 Fundraising Filings (UPDATE Thursday 7:30PM EDT)

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Previously, we reported that Democrat Darcy Burner was on a record-setting fundraising pace for a Washington State congressional challenger this early in the race.

With Q2 filings due this Sunday, the fundraising numbers for challengers and incumbents are beginning to trickle in. For the most part, the Senate numbers will become public at a slower pace - and the first to report from the Western races is Colorado contest for the open seat.

Colorado Senate - Rep. Mark Udall has reportedly raised $1.1 million in his effort to win the seat for the Democrats, and has more than $2.5m in the bank. GOP opponent Bob Schaffer has yet to release his Q2 numbers.

In the House, an up-to-the-minute listing is available via CQPolitics' Moneyline. A review of the house candidates from around the West who have raised over $50,000 in the quarter reveal where the races are already heating up - first number is Q2 take, second is the Cash on Hand (CoH).

Thursday, July 12, 8:30 AM EDT:

The Democratic Challengers showing early dedication:

CA-26: Russ Warner - working to unseat gazillion-term Rep. David Dreier raised $100K - with $150K CoH (cash on hand). For more on the Warner candidacy see here. Warner, along with Darcy - have not yet officially filed with the FEC - so we'll keep an eye out for exact numbers and update with actual totals.

CA-26: Hoyt Hilsman, another Dem looking to take on Dreier also raised an impressive amount ($106K, with $105K CoH), REVISION: a commenter noted that $100K of the Q2 income reported by Hilsman was a personal loan.

NM-02: Bill McCamley - a 29-year old County Commissioner looking to unseat Rep. Steve Pearce has pulled in an impressive $140K with $133 CoH.

GOP Incumbents Raising Cold, Hard Cash
(listed in order of Q2 money raised)
AZ-06: Rep. Jeff Flake - $217K in Q2, $581K CoH
WA-05: Rep. Cathy McMorris - $147K, $165K CoH
OR-02: Rep. Greg Walden - $137K, $503K CoH. A cursory review of Eastern Oregon conservative Walden's website reveals another powerful indication of the GOP's tarnished brand - can't find his party affiliation anywhere on the site, but Walden does publicize his membership in the Small Brewers Caucus. He wants you to know he's a micro-brewer, but not a Republican?
ID-02: Rep. Mike Simpson - $87K, $75K CoH - Simpson is rumored to be thinking about running for GOP Sen. Larry Craig's Senate seat.
CA-24: Rep. Elton Gallegly - $77K, $832K CoH

Democratic Incumbents With the Tip Jar Out
(listed in order of Q2 money raised)
HI-01:Rep. Neil Abercrombie $47oK, 1.o87M CoH
UT-02: Rep. Jim Matheson $205K, $588K CoH
CA-27: Rep. Sherman $163K, $1.517M CoH
AZ-07: Rep. Raul Grivalja $90K, $85K CoH

Thus far, only 233 registered candidates have filed with the FEC (and that includes a slew of inactive campaigns of retired congress critters). I'll check back in with updates over the next few days to see who's got the serious money MoJo and who might be thinking about retirements.

UPDATE (Thursday, 7:30 PM EDT)

Dem Incumbents:
(listed in order of Q2 money raised)
NV-01: Rep. Shelley Berkley, $406K, $1.212M CoH
CO-07: Rep. Ed Perlmutter, $206K, $338K CoH
OR-03: Rep. Earl Blumenauer, $150K, $461 CoH

GOP Incumbents:
(listed in order of Q2 money raised)
NM-02: Rep. Steve Pearce, $246K, $383K CoH
CA-40: Rep. Ed Royce, $184K, $2.014M CoH
CA-50: Rep. Brian Bilbray, $154K, $224K CoH (Correction: previously erroneously listed as a challenger)
CA-25: Rep. Buck McKeon, $88K, $205K CoH
CA-26: Rep. David Dreier, $56K, $1.997M CoH

No additional Dem challengers filing with more than $50K raised Q2 GOP

Of note, no GOP $50K+ challengers have thus far filed in any Western House race.

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