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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

WA-08 Darcy Fundraising Records - Liveblogging Saturday

News from Washington - Darcy Burner has raised $200K - reportedly a record for a challenger this early in the race. She's got Rep. Dave Reichert running scared - and while he's raising money at a furious pace, Darcy's got more money in the bank.

Reichert's fundraising, meanwhile, is well ahead of Burner's for the period from April 1 to June 30, and he pulled in more than twice as much as she did in the first half of 2007, said his chief of staff, Mike Shields.
Shields said the two-term congressman will report to the Federal Election Commission this week that he took in approximately $245,000 during first-quarter 2007. Reichert now has raised more than $444,000 to Burner's $218,879 since Jan. 1.
Burner has more cash on hand, $185,264 to Reichert's approximately $160,000 as of June 30 after Burner added money rolled over from her 2006 campaign.
The 2006 nominee's goal is two-fold - she's clearly got Reichert in her sights but she's also working to clear the Democratic field, as both State Rep. Christopher Hurst and State Sen. Rodney Tom are considering runs for the seat. Local media reports Tom is likely to make an announcement this week. For previous discussion about a primary see here.

Burner continues to make all the right moves, working to build a strong, ongoing dialogue with the netroots. This Saturday, she'll be liveblogging at FireDogLake (11AM PDT, 2 PM EDT) - Down With Tyranny has a preview of what's to come. She'll be running a campaign on Iraq, the environment and healthcare.


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