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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Top Chef - Back "Four" More

Since I missed last week's episode, I've got two fresh hours (to me) of my favorite reality series, Bravo's Top Chef. This week, we're looking at the top dozen. Who will be asked to pack their knives tonight?

Top Chef - Episode Four

It seems no one is missing Micah...was she less popular than Hung?

Quickfire Challenge: There's lost of cocktails on the table. Jamie Walker from Bombay Sapphire Gin has prepared a 'plethora' of cocktails (Walker's words, not mine). The Chfes will be pairing an appetizer for their drinks. Full access to the pantry. They're off!

Hung doesn't like this challenge. Hard alcohol doesn't mix well with his elegant, high-end food, he tells us. And the judge agrees...NICE! As he goes around, many of the chefs appear to have impressed.

Least favorite - Joey, Hung (Hung, "I'm thinking he was a little confused - that's why I called him out." - with

Who did well - Casey, Tre & Dale - Casey is the winner - and receives immunity.

Elimination Round: The chefs divide themselves into teams of three - and each of them will be making a dish, using the same ingredients. Brian decides to do it by random lottery.

That sytem doesnn't last long, as the teams start breaking down - Casey gets stuck on a team with Howie and Joey. It's getting strategic. There's lots of conflict on this team. Money seems to be a huge issue for this challenge, as most of the teams have to leave ingredients behind.

Casey, "In my mind, I keep telling myself, sometimes in the kitchen you're going to be forced to work with people you don't like."
The menu & teams:
First course - Shrimp - Lia, Hung & Brian: Padma - this is good! Tom - overall, very successful
Second Course - Tuna - Howie, Joey & Casey: Howie isn't convinced this is going to go over well. The dinner guests think it's way overboard, tastewise
Third Course - Filet Mignon - Tre, CJ and Sara - Padma- the presentation is beautiful. The table seems impressed.
Fourth Course - Pineapple - Sara, Dale & Camille - Dale says it would be better if the dinner guest were blind. Why did they choose to do a dessert? The semi-freddo is awful. The desserts are dreadful.

Judge's Table: The more impressive courses - shrimp - but people didn't really like Hung's foam. The judges seem to be coalescing around Brian. But, in a surprise winner is Lia - who will be a guest chef this summer in the Hamptons.

The lower end is comprised of two groups of chefs - Tuna Course & Pineapple Course - half the chefs are put on the chopping block. The desserts were difficult - as most of them have no pastry experience. It was a HUGE risk, according to the judges. They seem to want to punish these guys for rolling the dice. Now, let's target the tuna team - Tom says that Casey's dish was REALLY weak. Casey admits her dish was underseasoned. Casey breaks out into tears over the fact that either Howie or Joey could be sent home because her dish was what put her team at the bottom.

Who is going home? Joey, Howie? Dale, Camille, Sara? The desserts were unsuccessful, all around.

Tom lectures the dessert team. Padma- "Camille, please pack your knives and go."

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